Out of the US and onto the unknown

Allow yourself to be happy instead of being right,instead of owning something or being with somebody right now. It wont take long before you find the universe unfolding and giving you things that you can’t even imagine. -Abraham Hicks

Please check out the about section of this blog before you read this. It will give you a better picture of me and why I decided to do this. This is my first real blog post!

I was so busy packing that my feelings of moving didn’t hit me until I was sitting at a diner heading to NYC. I was sitting there with my stomach doing flips thinking, “Oh boy, here we go”. JFK empty, no way! I couldn’t believe it. It was nice to easily get through an airport. Fifteen hour flight and I’m in a new world. In Asia and they take Covid very seriously. The lines were long, but the process was organized. In order to get into the taxi, they sprayed all my bags down and myself with some sort of disinfectant. I felt like a little kid getting sprayed with mosquito repellent. The process of getting out of the airport took me about four hours from the airport to my hotel. Crazy! Now, to relax and get used to this quarantine life.

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