The Quarantine Chronicles -Week 2

Life is uncertain,eat dessert first!
-Ernestine Umer

Jetlag is no joke! I think I started to feel myself on day six. Much sleeping when my body felt tired. What else am I going to do? In quarantine you are not allowed to leave your room. They bring the food to you. The food has been ok. The process of using chopsticks has given me a good laugh. Thank God for Uber Eats and Food Panda. I’m pretty open when it comes to food, but I’m sick of having chicken everyday.

I have become a food photographer with all this time on my hands. I’m pretty good. Check it out.

I have to keep a log of my temperature two times a day and then text the police and let them know.  The first day I made the mistake of not answering my phone. The cops were at my hotel door. Damn. They gave me a heart attack. I don’t need to get locked up already. 

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