Joyful Invincibility

You have escaped the cage, your wings are stretched out, now FLY! - Rumi

Abraham Hicks-Every AM get up with a reason to feel good. Think happy thoughts, hang around with people who feel good. Think of reasons to feel good.  


My life as the moment- Joyful invincibility-My theme for this journey.  


Well, I’m all packed up and ready to live my life in Taiwan. Am I nervous? Heck yeah! In a place a world away from home, in a land where the language is not familiar. I’ve been in a bubble for two weeks. Now it’s reality. Going to look at an apartment tomorrow that I found on the web. Fingers crossed that I like the place. I really don’t have a choice. I need to sleep in my new home tonight. More than I wanted to pay but I’ll figure it out. Trust in the process. I know God has my back, As I write this, I see a yellow orb moving on the page. I pray that my life is good here and I adjust to my new environment.

Thank you Royal Season Hotel Taichung. It’s been real.  From the views of the city to the huge bed they definitely made my stay less painful. Many of the places on my adventures will be listed on my resource page. If anyone has any suggestions that I should add there, please let me know. That page is for you!

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