Born to be wild!

The thing about transition is that you’re no longer who you were and are unaware of what you’re becoming!

Crazy how time flies! So much going on since I last wrote in here. I’ve been able to go out with my co-workers which has been fun. Went hiking and shopping and had a blast. Parent’s day this weekend.  On certain days we have Saturday school like if we have a holiday we make it up on a Saturday. Parent’s day we needed to come in half-day. My fellow counselor took me for a ride on her scooter. Drives like a mad woman. For those of you who have been in a NYC taxi think that times ten. No rules to follow.  Going between cars, in and out of lanes. I held on for my life.  

As we were speeding by, it was almost as if time slowed down and I was noticing the bright rays as the sun shined on the rice fields. The unique lines of the  words in Chinese labeled on food stands. The pink helmet that my coworker had with her stickers of bears precisely placed on the side of her helmet.  How the hell did I get here? How was I so lucky to experience all of this? Thank you universe for this opportunity. No matter how difficult I may think life gets, remember these simple moments Dawn.  

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