Taiwan Pride

The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody- Rita Mae Brown

Currently in Taipei. Came here for Pride. It was a cool event to go to. So interesting to see how others celebrate Pride. Way too crowded, though. Too much energy. Not into that anymore. So interesting what the girls look like. So many look like little boys, like the group BTS that my nieces like. It’s what they consider tomboys out here. I saw most of them with fem girls.

 I never fit into a box. Sometimes, actually, many times, I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, even in my own community. 

  • Who’s going to love Dawn for me? 
  • Trust the universe, Dawn, in time. You have so much to offer, your partner is here, be patient.


I planned to check out a club called Taboo Club. https://www.facebook.com/TABOONightClub

It looks to be a wild place with shot girls pouring alcohol in your mouth and ladies partying it up. 

 I’m not into clubs anymore but wanted to have the experience of a Taiwan women’s club. Unfortunately, my old age caught up to me. Lol, I arrived at the hotel and passed out. 

This InHouse hotel is the bomb. Heated toilet, bidet, and an amazing view right in the gay section. All for 60 USD https://www.inhousehotel.com/.

Today, enjoy my time in the city, check out some lesbian businesses and get myself a birthday cake.

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