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November 14th, 2020 Perspective of the day- I’m in an uncomfortable stage of my life where my old self is gone, but my new self isn’t fully born yet. I’m in the midst of a transformation.

Happy birthday to ya!!!!

Happy birthday to ya!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a great day. Drove to Kenting, which is in southern Taiwan, to spend some time on the beach. I found an amazing hostel, Mamalulu. The owner of the hotel that I stayed at was so gracious and kind. She knew I had an allergy to gluten, so his wife cooked me a special breakfast every morning. What an amazing array of fruits and vegetables.


I got my cards read by my old friend at home. She’s so accurate it’s scary. I need to work through many things, but it’s going to be such an amazing, fabulous journey. Met up with my friend whose birthday was a day before mine and we took off for the beach. As I sat there in silence, I remembered thinking about what the beach would look like from my own beach at home. The water was so turquoise in color and the waves were so strong that day. I knew it would be beautiful, but I don’t think I imagined it would look like this.


We went for some Thai food and then the night market. The night market is a whole different experience and I highly recommend going to one if you ever go to an Asian country with them. One will find any food imaginable that’s local. We were near the ocean, so there was a  variety of seafood choices. I saw some mussels and shells that almost look like periwinkles come back home, which reminded me of my grandmother. When my grandma was little, she didn’t have much money so they would go to the ocean and get a bunch of periwinkles and eat those. I have to be extremely careful what I eat because I don’t want anything to make me sick. I had tried some gelato and fries. 

Shopping at the night markets are always fun. You can usually find good deals. I was able to find some cool shells. My friend asked me if I wanted to go get massages, and I thought that’d be a cool way just to unwind and celebrate. We saw a tank of fish and she said, “Oh, we can get a  fish massage.” That had to be one of the weirdest things I’ve done. The way the fish eat the dead skin off your feet is crazy. It felt like constant tickling. I did get used to it after a while, but it’s so weird. Overall it was an unbelievable day. This is the first time I spent my birthday with a friend, and it was cool to share that with her.

My birthday wishes

To continue to grow as a person

 To continue to accept Dawn Marie for who she is

 to love me unconditionally

 To find my soulmate. (She’s already in my field, I just need to bump into her)

To live in a healthy way

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