Hope in the *New Year*

Hope is praying for rain, but faith is bringing an umbrella- unknown

What a beautiful first day of the new year! Last night was a joyous event. The fireworks at Taipei 101 were great. It wasn’t too crowded (probably due to the cold weather and Covid), so I enjoyed it a little more.


After they shut down the streets, people were celebrating with sparklers and taking pictures. As I walked along the street, I began to slow my pace, just observe and appreciate that people were out enjoying each other’s company.  This is not happening in most places throughout the world.  At one point, I sat down and just cried, realizing how blessed I am to have the opportunity to experience the simple things that others can’t right now.  


The first place I decided to go to on New Years Day was Longshan Temple. As I entered, I walked past this beautiful waterfall that gave me a sense of tranquility. I stood there for a while, soaking in the aura of calmness.


  This is what life is about. 


Appreciating nature and all it has to offer. There were so many people giving offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on the New Year. From the flowers to the fruits, each provided a myriad of colors that made me smile. I could’ve stayed there all day.  

My next stop was to see the Banksy art exhibit at Chiang Kai- Shek Memorial Hall. I didn’t expect the area to be so vast. As I walked, I stopped to admire the ancient trees. So big, strong. I wondered what they witnessed in this area over their hundreds of years in existence. Taiwanese people really appreciate nature, and even though we were in the middle of the capital city, it felt like we could be in the forest in Eastern Taiwan. Numerous birds flying so close to humans, and they seemed to be not afraid of people. I was able to get close to many. Their pigeons are so beautiful here. Many different colors on their wings. A stark contrast from the New York City pigeon. LOL

I didn’t have any expectations for the exhibit, but I was pleasantly surprised. There are many pieces of his work. This Anonymous artist has a passion for sticking up for the little guy—the people treated poorly by Capitalism on artists. America has a big piece of this.

 The land of the bullies, a country that feels they can do whatever they want and get away with it because it is the U. S. A. Meanwhile, people’s lives are destroyed. I spent four hours looking and appreciating a different viewpoint.

As I left the museum, there was a Buddhist ceremony occurring. The chanting of each member rang through me, making me feel alive. I stopped and sat cross-legged with eyes closed, letting the sound engulf me. I needed that powerful voice.

While in silence, something I read from Guanyin came to me.  She teaches us that we can sometimes accomplish more by meeting people where they are and then gently evoking change than by trying to force our triggered state. 

I pray for society. 

Click HERE to see Bansky’s exhibit!

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