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-Be the ever-changing wave that expands, flows and carries within an eternal ocean of love- Roxana Jones

The ultimate blessing- Growing up near the ocean. From the age of six or seven, I remember going to the beach. Every summer, my mom would take us to Round Hill where we would have swimming lessons in the ocean, no matter the weather. On cold days, we would slowly move our bodies towards the murky Atlantic Ocean. In August, the jellyfish would arrive and we would try to navigate our bodies to avoid the creatures at all costs while trying to swim.  


As I got older, the ocean still played a massive part in my life, but now I could decide when to go. I often would drive with friends to local beaches and enjoy being in the fresh air. When I went to college, this behavior didn’t change. I just rented summer places near the ocean. Some of my friends were lifeguards down in Cape Cod and I would go with them to work. Thank God they didn’t have to save anyone after the huge parties we had many nights. Lol. I thought I would always have access to the ocean, but that wasn’t always the case where I lived.

I remember the first time feeling landlocked when I lived in DC.  What an awful feeling. The ocean gave me such peace; being so far away was frustrating.

The ocean has always been like a relative wrapping their arms around me when I needed to be comforted. It’s where I drove to after finding out about 9/11 and when I found out friends and my ex passed away. It was the only place I could go to let myself grieve after my grandmother crossed over.


Over the past four years, I’ve evolved spiritually and noticed that my bond with the ocean has only grown stronger. My connection makes sense since I’m a water sign and Neptune is in my fourth house.

  • Neptune- Ruler of the sea
  • 4th house- home/inner life


I began to meditate at the ocean and what a game-changer! I could sit and quiet my mind like nowhere else. Answers came to me and many life decisions began to take shape. I would go to the ocean two to three times a week, whether snow, rain, or sun, and watched as the seasons changed. It’s so fascinating how the sea and the animals adapt to the conditions. My favorite time at the beach is in April or May, just before the tourists invade. I would sit in silence and observe Osprey diving into the water with such force to grab fish. The boats still docked, gave one a clear view of the opening to the vast ocean.

Once covid hit, I began to teach classes at home. This time allowed me to go to the beach, which I took full advantage of. It truly became my safe space, in a country that didn’t feel safe at that moment. Until the time I left for Taiwan, I continued to go to my little spot on the beach where no one ventured.


Upon moving to Taiwan, I was consumed with adjusting to a different world and the beach took a backseat to my life. I feel like my mental health continues to be impacted by my lack of time ner the water. The beach is a  2 1/2 hour drive and I’ve been three times since being here. Last week I felt a beach trip was necessary. Even though it was raining, it brought so much life to my soul. The familiarity of that smell of the salt water, the sounds of the powerful waves crashing on the rocks, and my feet in the wet sand made me feel home. I need to get here more often. Thank you. 

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