The Life of an Empath

Empaths be like- I got 99 problems and 89 of them belong to other people – Unknown

The past couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions in Taiwan. Having gone through the pandemic in America, I thought I would be used to it. Taiwan is a small island and they have been highly successful in locking the island down. My quarantine was no joke, I was locked in a room for two weeks checking temperatures 3 times a day. The only time you could open your door to get your food. It received a text at 10 am from the police. Time to report your temperature. If you didn’t respond soon enough, the police were at your hotel room.

When I started hearing about airline pilots going around Taipei, my senses were heightened. Why weren’t they treated like we were? Last week, 16 cases were reported in Taipei and people began to get nervous. I didn’t panic, but others started to and I noticed I was picking up on their emotions. The life of an empath. Not only was I feeling annoyed with people, but also I was sent in people’s fears and panic.

The numbers are rising, but nothing compared to what I saw in the States. I do believe that being such a small island, and seeing what the world went through, I pray Taiwan learns from others’ mistakes and makes the right choices. Hundreds of cases now in New Taipei City. As I write this, they just shut down schools from 5/19 to 5/28. 


Later on in the day, I met up with a friend who has lived around the world. She is very direct and will tell you how it is, which I appreciate. She said, You have to remember Dawn, you have been through this before, you have experienced the panic, the anxiety in the States. Taiwanese people have not. This is a small island compared to America and people are scared. I have learned so much from this woman in the short time since I met her. She really makes me think about my narrow minded American point of view. Even though I have worked on it, these views still need more effort into changing my mindset. I am in someone else’s country. I need to respect their culture and view of the world.

In the US, my solitude during Covid times was going to a piece of the beach back at home where no one went. No matter the weather, from March 2020 until I left for Taiwan, I was there. Last weekend I went to a local beach with my friend, the birthday girl, Bree and it was just what I needed to calm the mind. To my friends who are experiencing this lockdown for the first time, find your solitude in the midst of chaos. Find your joy!

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