New beginnings

What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly- Lao Tzu

Dawn, the reason I was given this name- New beginnings. The first rays of light to every day since the beginning of time. This is a difficult post for me right now because I wouldn’t say I like to take breaks on anything, but after looking within myself and looking at the direction of the blog and where it was going, it’s time to put a pause on the blog for now.


The main focus of the blog is to get my message out there to all womxn. To be seen as a womxn who may be gay, but not leading from sexuality—leading from my feminine empowerment, my own experience. 


Womxn- This message is for you and I want to get this out to the masses.

Take advantage of travel, even through fear, step towards it knowing that there are no limits or boundaries through self-expression. You can achieve whatever your heart desires. I want all womxn to live the life of their dreams, no matter what others may say.


Unity from a place of individuality!!!!!


Learning to love myself along the way ❤

With the current focus, I feel my message is not getting out to who needs to see it, so I will reset and continue to write.


I know a womxn is out there that will resonate with this and can help market so it reaches my sisters. If this is you, please reach out at

I need someone that can post my writings as well as market them to womxn around the world. 

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