We are all detailed expressions of this vast universe.
You are supernatural, my love, embrace that uniqueness.

– RH Fowler

How do you put 44 years of a journey into words? Well, here you go. Raised in Massachusetts in a Catholic home. That says enough. LOL. I grew up playing sports and not really caring about having a boyfriend. I figured out why in college. Gay girl here!!!  I have been lucky enough to have lived in NYC during the late 90s when you could still go to places like the Clit Club, Meow Mix and Club Escuelita and have fun. I’ve been blessed to be able to live in different areas of the country from California to DC. With each move, I have carried with me feelings of excitement but also thoughts like, “What the hell did I get myself into?” I have to say that with each move I have learned so much about myself and others. Thanks ex-girlfriends!! There’s always a lesson in each relationship. LOL.

This year, I began my ultimate journey thus far, moving abroad. When deciding on this journey, I researched LGBTQ+ expats and to be honest, I did not find much. Most of the content was from a man’s perspective. I knew I had to use a platform to chronicle my journey, but in doing so, I could maybe help someone else in the community. I also thought it would be amazing to hear from others and their own experiences living this expat life.  So here we go! While being gay is a part of me, it’s not all of me. I plan on writing things that happen to me,but I’m sure my gayness will bring up circumstances that will impact life in my new country. I also want to write about events that happened so maybe others can avoid similar situations.

You will be entertained that’s for sure. I would love to connect with everyone. Please leave comments and I’m hoping we can interact and share stories. My goal here is to document this adventure so others can be inspired to take the same path I’m taking now.