My ultimate Woman Crush

Last week I had the opportunity to watch someone I have crushed on for decades, Drew Barrymore. As I watched her interview Demi Lovato, I admired the growth, maturity, and just pure, authentic love she has for humans. Although I have never met her, I feel like I was watching someone I knew turn intoContinue reading “My ultimate Woman Crush”

Adventures abound on the east coast of Taiwan

Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul This blog post is dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the train crash yesterday. They were looking forward to going on vacation and spending time with family. Instead, some were injured, while others lost their lives. Prayers sent to everyone impacted. RIP  Continue reading “Adventures abound on the east coast of Taiwan”

The sea is my home!

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one and its net of wonder forever- Jacque Cousteau. I only scratched the surface on how the ocean impacts my life with the last post. I grew up in a community where the sea was a way of life. It provided some of my family members withContinue reading “The sea is my home!”

Água é vida

-Be the ever-changing wave that expands, flows and carries within an eternal ocean of love- Roxana Jones The ultimate blessing- Growing up near the ocean. From the age of six or seven, I remember going to the beach. Every summer, my mom would take us to Round Hill where we would have swimming lessons inContinue reading “Água é vida”

Soul quest… Into the mind!

If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted like trees – Rainer Maria Rilke What a great weekend for a retreat. Living in the city can be trying… from the pollution to the traffic, to all of the people. So overwhelming at times. As soon as I stepped out of the van,Continue reading “Soul quest… Into the mind!”

Saturdays with the fam!

Family- Life’s greatest blessing, a group that dreams, laughs, plays, and loves together. Those of whom you can always count on. Ever present, not only in the good times. Most precious gift … I look at the clock, 3:30 p.m. on a Saturday. Then look at a picture of myself, my grandmother (I call herContinue reading “Saturdays with the fam!”

Six months later… Starting to blossom!

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. I’ve been in Taiwan for 6 months but it feels longer than that. More like 6 years. Lol. Reflecting back in my time here, I realized just how much I’ve grown.  The toughest obstacle I’ve had to overcome here are health issues. I haveContinue reading “Six months later… Starting to blossom!”

Everything is possible!

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be yourself and only herself. The above quote hangs in my office. It’s a constant reminder to be me and that’s enough. Writing a blog was a vision IContinue reading “Everything is possible!”

Out of the US and onto the unknown

Allow yourself to be happy instead of being right,instead of owning something or being with somebody right now. It wont take long before you find the universe unfolding and giving you things that you can’t even imagine. -Abraham Hicks Please check out the about section of this blog before you read this. It will giveContinue reading “Out of the US and onto the unknown”

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