Everything is possible!

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be yourself and only herself.

The above quote hangs in my office. It’s a constant reminder to be me and that’s enough. Writing a blog was a vision I had during meditation. I kept pushing it away, but the idea would always reappear. As I was in the US, trapped in the Covid bubble, I realized how much people on my Facebook page  enjoyed hearing about my crazy adventures.

As a gay woman looking into living abroad, my number one concern was that I needed to feel comfortable being me in my new country. As a began to research, I found countries that are LGBTQIA friendly, but there was minimal information on lesbians and queer women in general. Society- Gay men rule the world and we are just occupying space. It was frustrating. The blog idea came to me around this time and the more I thought about it, the more I was determined to create a space for all women to envision what it’s  like living outside of your country. I place where they can connect with like- minded individuals and we can all learn from each other.  An environment where we support each other and help others in their own journeys.  

  • How in the hell am I going to do this? 

To say I’m not text Savvy is an understatement! I put my trust in the universe and I was sent a kind, genuine old soul who is just as passionate about this project as I am. 

All women- this blog is for you!! For every little girl who dreamed about traveling around the world.For every young teen who thought: “I can’t wait to get out of here!” For every woman that fantasizes about leaving their world behind and starting over. I’m proof that is possible. I made it around the world in the middle of a pandemic! Anything is possible!! I’m putting my heart and soul into this because I know this will help others. Hopefully this will help you!

Joyful Invincibility

You have escaped the cage, your wings are stretched out, now FLY! - Rumi

Abraham Hicks-Every AM get up with a reason to feel good. Think happy thoughts, hang around with people who feel good. Think of reasons to feel good.  


My life as the moment- Joyful invincibility-My theme for this journey.  


Well, I’m all packed up and ready to live my life in Taiwan. Am I nervous? Heck yeah! In a place a world away from home, in a land where the language is not familiar. I’ve been in a bubble for two weeks. Now it’s reality. Going to look at an apartment tomorrow that I found on the web. Fingers crossed that I like the place. I really don’t have a choice. I need to sleep in my new home tonight. More than I wanted to pay but I’ll figure it out. Trust in the process. I know God has my back, As I write this, I see a yellow orb moving on the page. I pray that my life is good here and I adjust to my new environment.

Thank you Royal Season Hotel Taichung. It’s been real.  From the views of the city to the huge bed they definitely made my stay less painful. Many of the places on my adventures will be listed on my resource page. If anyone has any suggestions that I should add there, please let me know. That page is for you!

The Quarantine Chronicles -Final Chapter

“There is nothing you can do but surrender. Surrender, trust, open up.Open up and ask the universe, ask God, to show you the way”

The time is coming to be released. All these questions and anxious feelings came up as I started to look for apartments. Where should I live? What’s the best way to get to school? Do I need to buy a scooter? How am I going to meet people? Will I be able to make friends in the LGBTQ community? I was feeling so overwhelmed and I haven’t felt like this in a while. Then I read a book and saw the quote above. Surrender it is. Trust is something I need to work on! For people that know me, they would agree. 

"If you can't go outside, go inside!"

The Quarantine Chronicles -Week 2

Life is uncertain,eat dessert first!
-Ernestine Umer

Jetlag is no joke! I think I started to feel myself on day six. Much sleeping when my body felt tired. What else am I going to do? In quarantine you are not allowed to leave your room. They bring the food to you. The food has been ok. The process of using chopsticks has given me a good laugh. Thank God for Uber Eats and Food Panda. I’m pretty open when it comes to food, but I’m sick of having chicken everyday.

I have become a food photographer with all this time on my hands. I’m pretty good. Check it out.

I have to keep a log of my temperature two times a day and then text the police and let them know.  The first day I made the mistake of not answering my phone. The cops were at my hotel door. Damn. They gave me a heart attack. I don’t need to get locked up already. 

The Quarantine Chronicles- Week 1

If the version of you from 5 years ago could see you right now, they'd be so proud!​

I’ve been here since 8/7 and today is the first day that I feel like myself.


Jet lag hit me the first couple of days and I was just feeling overwhelmed. Today I did a lot of meditation-Abraham Hicks. Just sat with myself. Hopefully, it can help some people including myself on this journey. It felt good! I haven’t been motivated but today was good. Signs from the angels -Saw a rainbow. Lol. That’s my username Queenbow 143.

Just feeling grateful and thankful for this experience. I will be OK.

Let's get started!

Out of the US and onto the unknown

Allow yourself to be happy instead of being right,instead of owning something or being with somebody right now. It wont take long before you find the universe unfolding and giving you things that you can’t even imagine. -Abraham Hicks

Please check out the about section of this blog before you read this. It will give you a better picture of me and why I decided to do this. This is my first real blog post!

I was so busy packing that my feelings of moving didn’t hit me until I was sitting at a diner heading to NYC. I was sitting there with my stomach doing flips thinking, “Oh boy, here we go”. JFK empty, no way! I couldn’t believe it. It was nice to easily get through an airport. Fifteen hour flight and I’m in a new world. In Asia and they take Covid very seriously. The lines were long, but the process was organized. In order to get into the taxi, they sprayed all my bags down and myself with some sort of disinfectant. I felt like a little kid getting sprayed with mosquito repellent. The process of getting out of the airport took me about four hours from the airport to my hotel. Crazy! Now, to relax and get used to this quarantine life.

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